Maple Cinnamon Rosted Butternut Squash

One of my favourite food bloggers is Life Made Sweeter and while browsing some drool worthy recipes on her site to make as a side dish for dinner last night, I came across this one! I had all the ingredients already in the house, so it was decided upon pretty quickly. I actually ended up doubling the recipe… Continue reading Maple Cinnamon Rosted Butternut Squash

Thanksgiving: The Food Edition

I’m going to start this off with a warning that the photography in this post may not be outstanding. I was covered in butter, multitasking and, to be completely honest, enjoying wine while I cooked (and lets be honest … you need to drink wine to cook a turkey). That being said, I can promise… Continue reading Thanksgiving: The Food Edition

Thanksgiving Reflections

I know,  I know, Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago! Right after Thanksgiving comes my husbands birthday party (which will be in a future post shortly!) and while I was thinking about this post a lot, I couldn’t seem to find any time to sit down and write it! This year my family all had obligations… Continue reading Thanksgiving Reflections